Shivanasamudra Water falls


I was supposed to post this travelogue a week before, but, due to time constraints, I couldn’t. 

On Sunday (9th Sep 07) we had a one-day trip to Shivanasamudra, a water fall nearby Bangalore. It has been quite a long since we started planning for a trip, but due to the work load and things like that, that didn’t workout. Anyway, this time it happened and it was an unforgettable experience.

We started from our apartment at BTM Layout by 6 AM (though we planned 5AM). The 8 seat Toyota Qualis comfortably accommodated 7 of us and all of us were in a joyous mood. As we started early morning, none of us thought of having breakfast and by the time hunger started knocking, we’ve reached the countryside and there were no good restaurants. Somehow, we managed to adjust with the Idli and Sambar from a road side joint.

Moving on to the destination, we got a chance to see the real beauty of Karnataka. It was a nice drive through the marigold and sugar cane fields.

By 9.30 we reached the waterfalls. Took some snaps and quickly we moved to the top of the falls where we planned to have bath. Looking at the stream, we were confused whether to jump in or not…the force of the stream was very high…

Fortunately, due to rocks and weeds, we found a place where the flow is not much. Most of us, including me, jumped in; while some still scared of the stream, stood behind. We spent hours in the stream and the experience was rejuvenating.

We then moved on to our next destination, river Cauvery, and it was lunch time. Again, there were no good restaurants. We had to adjust with small lunch home ran by an old man and his daughter. They served rice, sambhar, and some pickles. Since our hunger was in such a state like we may start eating each other, the food tasted superb.

Straight after the lunch, we moved on to the banks of river Cauvery. But, this time we were not welcomed well. The crowd was too much in the river and that made it sooo muddy. I was hesitant to jump into the river but my friends pulled me in. Another bath and all my orifices were full of water. Started sneezing and I really feared that I’ll get cold.

Enough water play and it was time to go, we quickly boarded the cab. All of us were really tired and slept till we enter bangalore city. As soon as we crossed the sign post “Welcome to Bangalore, The garden City of India”, traffic became worse and we caught up in the Sunday evening traffic.

After messing with the traffic for an hour, we reached home…slept…

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